Firecore the Peagsus
Tumblr DID NOT make Free! an anime.

Okay, I’ve just read 2 articles on Geekosystem claiming that Tumblr’s “ironic fandom” for a 30 second anime promo dubbed “Swimming Anime” somehow convinced Kyoto Animation to make it into a full series.

And that is straight up bullshit.

It was cute while it started, but anyone who things that a few thousand posts on the internet convinced Japanese animators that something was worth making is just deluding themselves.

Free! was always going to be a series…there’s a little thing called animation lead time. It takes months and years for cartoons to be storyboarded, written, animated and voice acted.

Barring a few exceptions like South Park, animation is rarely able to make changes and turnarounds at the speed of the internet.

So while “Swimming Anime fandom” got a few laughs, don’t think your posts had any influence on Japanese animators.

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